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Eyebrow Lamination

Laminate it


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What is Eyebrow Lamination ?

It’s an innovative beauty treatment first invented in Russia and then popularized in Europe, now available for everyone: Brow Lamination. Think of this service as semi-permanent brow gel.

“Brow Lamination is procedure of perming the eyebrow hairs to keep them in your desired direction for longer period of time. It’s a perfect treatment for anyone who wants that groomed, fluffy and brushed up look everyday,” Miss J says.

Miss J Lash Lounge in downtown Toronto has few experienced eyebrow lamination technicians. Come and try this amazing service, your satisfaction guaranteed.

Laminate It

How the brow lamination done ?

Step One : Consultation
Our treatments starts with a consultation so your stylist can establish your brow goals and the plan to achieve them.

Step Two: Cleaning
We will cleanse the brows to remove any makeup, or oils. This will ensure the solutions used during the procedure will penetrate the brow hairs effectively.

Step Three : Shaping
The brows are tweezed to your desired shape. The brow lamination looks best on cleaned up brows, but we recommend avoiding waxing/threading before the service.

Step Four : Lifting
A lifting cream is applied, and your stylist will shape your brows into the direction that you desire.

Step Five : Neutralizing

Then, your new shape is locked in place by applying a setting solution to reconstitute the hair structure to the newly modelled brows.

Final Step : Tinting / Conditioning
An eyebrow tint OR conditioning brow oil can be added, and if needed and it will be followed by the final shaping of the brows. Then, your stylist will apply a conditioning and setting gel to hold your new look in place while it sets in over the next 24 hours!


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Eyebrow Lamination Consultation ?


Brow it


Shaping, Tinting and Lamination (Costs)
  • Eyebrow Shaping

    Eyebrow Shaping (Wax, Tweeze, Thread)
  • Eyebrow Shaping + Tint

  • Eyebrow Lamination

    Eyebrow Lamination Package ( Brow Shaping Included )
  • Eyebrow Tint

    Eyebrow Tint
  • Eyebrow Lamination + Tint

    Eyebrow Lamination Package + Shaping + Tint
  • Men’s Eyebrow Lamination + Tint

    Men's Eyebrow Lamination Package + Shaping + Tint
  • Men’s Eyebrow Tint

    Men's Eyebrow Tint
  • Men’s Eyebrow Lamination

    Men's Eyebrow Lamination Package ( Brow Shaping Included )
  • Men’s Eyebrow Shaping + Tint

    Men's Eyebrow Shaping + Tint
  • Men’s Eyebrow Shaping

    Men's Eyebrow Shaping (Wax, Tweeze, Thread)
  • Ombre Powder Brows – Single Touch-up

    Touch up within 8 weeks of original service date - Miss J Customers
  • Ombre Powder Brows Initial Session (Touch-Up Including)

    Full Powder Brow Service including Touch-up Service within 8 weeks
  • Ombre Powder Brows

    Full Powder Brow Service, including shaping, mapping and pigmentation
Laminate it

Q & A

Beauty. Close Up Woman’s Eyebrows Before And After Microblading. Difference Between Female Brows With Lamination And Without Correction.

Questions & Answers

Q: How Long does eyebrow lamination Lasts ?

A: It lasts between 4 and 8 weeks. People with thinner hair have a longer results but it depends on your hair growth cycle too. The process will help your hairs to grow to the direction shaped, so eventually you should be able to extends the times between treatments. 

Q: Any potential side effects by eyebrow lamination ?

A: If you have a known reaction to any perming solution, it might irritate your eye area. Other than that it’s the similar procedure to a lash lift and hair perming used to curl lashes and hair.

Q: What is the aftercare ?

  • Keep them dry for at least 24 to 48 hours. That means no shower, swimming, sauna or bathing.
  • Don’t touch your eyebrows as they are still in shaping process and you are introducing oil to the brows.
  • Skip Make-up for 24 hour after the procedure. Remember your skin is still sensitive for few days and you also don’t want to add any oil to the brows.
  • Sleep on your back so you don’t press on your brows.

Beautiful Eyebrows, Great Reviews!



This was my first time getting my brows laminated. Dazi was patient with me, extremely professional and very nice! My brows look amazing. I also had eyelashes lift and it was excellent as well. I will definitely come back!

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Marie da CamaraMarie da Camara

Beautiful lounge !
The first time going there was a warm welcoming, I was supposed to do a lash extension. I was not ready to commit yet, so I did lashes lift instead. Love the experience . Once I'm ready, I'll do the extension

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I had my brow waxing/shaping done with Lyka and my lash extensions with Jasmine. Both lash technicians were not only incredibly nice and welcoming but also demonstrated a commendable level of expertise. Jasmine and Lyka took the time to engage in thorough conversations--understanding my specific lash and brow goals, which added a personalized touch to my experience.

The entire experience was not just about getting lash extensions; it felt like a pampering session with the added bonus of achieving beautiful lashes and brows😁

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Shannon MikolasShannon Mikolas

I have had a lift and tint provided by Jasmine several times. She is always extremely gentle and does a great job! I’ve been so disappointed in the past when I’ve gone anywhere else. I’m so happy I found them.

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