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Eyelash Lift & Tint

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What is lash lift & tint?

Lash Lift : A lash lift is a lash service that semi-permanently curls natural eyelashes to make your lashes looking curlier. The curly eyelash helps your eyes look bigger, more open and pop nicer. Lash lift is an alternative to lash curler, with the exception that it lasts around 5 weeks for most people.

Lash Tint : As it sounds, lash tint simply tint your lashes to the color of your choice, which most likely is black. If you have a naturally black eyelashes, you can go for black-blue color which looks darker than black. For people with lighter lash colors, lash tint along the lash curl will improves the look of the eyes noticeably.

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HOW it’s done ?

Your eyelids are washed and wiped down by your lash artist. A gel eye patch is placed on your bottom lashes to separate from your upper lashes and keep them away from the perm lotion. A rubber cylinder is placed on your eyelid. This is the base we’ll use to curl your lashes around. The lash artist will curls the lashes using the glue over the mold, we separate your lashes individually, so you get a nice curl on the lashes, and we would apply the non-toxic perm solution, that sits on the root of the eyelashes, so the solution is not touching your skin. During the solution waiting time, you do need to keep your eyes closed for the entire process. Once the solution is removed, an oil or conditioning solution is often applied to the lashes. We clean up the lashes and remove the rubber cylinder.
It is a really relaxing, non-invasive treatment and most of our clients take the time to catch up on their beauty sleep



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Beautiful Lashes, Great Reviews!


Sasha AliSasha Ali

My tech was really great, Amelia! She was quick and did the mapping I requested. I was waiting for an Uber that night of my appointment and a random lady came up to me and complimented my eyes! The chairs were super comfy and I had a great lash nap! Only thing I will mention is the lashes I was given are pretty hard from what I’m used to, they feel kind of plastic and not as soft. Everything else was great!

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Alexandra BanulescuAlexandra Banulescu

Prior to a recent vacation, I went in March 2023 for eyebrow lash lift and tint as well for tinting my eyebrows. Both services were great, but I really fell in love with the lash lift and tint that lasted me longer than any other that I had received in the past. Lash lift could still be noticed after almost 4 weeks even though I was swimming during part of my vacation. The lounge itself has a great relaxing vibe so you feel extra pampered. Thank you! Will definitely be back!

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Kaitlyn CampbellKaitlyn Campbell

Crystal did an amazing job on my lashes! They were exactly what I wanted. I also couldn’t believe the set up of the studio… it was beautiful and very comfortable. The recliners are an awesome touch and made my experience even better.

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Shirls NShirls N

I had a wonderful experience getting my first lash lift here. I opted to get my lashes darkened as well but the nice lady that helped me recommended that I did not need it. I'm really happy with the results and it's been about 4.5 weeks - my lashes still have the curl.

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