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Eyelash Extensions

Classic Eyelashes


Classic lashes is a 1-to-1 eyelash extension method, meaning that one eyelash is applied to one natural lash only, therefore if you only have 50 suitable natural lashes per eye, then you will only achieve a look of 50 eyelash extensions. This methods are perfect for clients who already have a lot of lashes, but want to add more length. Classic lashes look more natural.

Volume Eyelashes


Russian Volume is an extremely advanced technique. It’s 1-to-3/5 application method with the use of multiple ultra fine extensions, that are hand created at the time of application by the artist using their specially designed tweezers. Think of it as the stylist creates a bouquets of fine extensions and then carefully apply it to one of your lashes. Russian Volume is suitable for the client who desires a more glamorous and thicker looking set.

Volume Eyelashes


Shortly said : A simple upgrade to classic to achieve a fuller look. The Hybrid technique is a combination of two different lash application techniques rolled into one set of lashes. Eyelash stylist apply the classic eyelash extensions and then apply pre-made or hand-made lash fans in between the classic lashes. Anyone who love’s an extra dark lash line should go for Hybrid lashes. Some celebrities like Kim Kardashian often seen wearing Hybrid Lashes !

  • Natural Beauty
  • $100,00

  • The most natural looking classic eyelash extension package

    (45 lashes / eye)

  • Volume Barbie
  • $165,00

  • The most common eyelash extension package.

    (250 lashes / eye )

  • Lavish Lady
  • $195,00

  • One show off package, be ready for compliments.

    (350 lashes / eye)

Classic it

Eyelash Extensions

Classic Sets
  • Natural Beauty

    50 Lashes / Eye
  • Elegant Belle

    65 Lashes / Eye
  • Dazzling Doll

    75 Lashes / Eye
  • Glamour Diva

    90+ Lashes / Eye
Refill Packages
  • Miss Refreshii Refill

    25-30 Lashes / Eye
  • Miss Classy Refill

    35-40 Lashes / Eye
Volume it

Eyelash Extensions

Designer Handcrafted

Complete Sets
  • Volume Barbie

    50x5D Lashes / Eye
  • Lavish Lady

    70x5D Lashes / Eye
  • Miss J Masterpiece

    +90x5D Lashes / Eye
Refill Sets
  • Miss Gorgeous refill

    25x5D Lashes / Eye
  • Miss Stunning Refill

    35x5D Lashes / Eye

Beautiful Lashes, Sweet Reviews!


Rona HeRona He

My new go-to spot in Toronto! I had my lashes done with Jasmine twice now, and she is always super sweet and attentive. She takes care to ask about your length preferences and gives great advice on aftercare regimen. I wear night contacts and am always using eye drops so extensions don’t usually last too long for me - but was happily surprised by how long lasting and quality these lashes were! The studio is also beautiful and the entire experience very relaxing. Highly recommend!!

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Hiromi OkuyamaHiromi Okuyama

It was my very first time getting Lash Extensions and I was nervous. My sister told me about Miss J Lash Lounge and how much she loves it here.

I booked with Lyka and she is so great. She made me feel really comfortable and I really like how careful and patient she is. It was beautiful to see her artistry. When she showed me my lashes I was blown away at how much she made my eyes look better and overall prettier 🥰.

The lounge is gorgeous with lots of treats and drinks offered. The decor is sophisticated and modern. And the chairs are so comfortable. You feel really pampered here.

I’m thankful my first experience of getting Lash Extensions was a positive one. I can’t wait to go back!

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Marie da CamaraMarie da Camara

Beautiful lounge !
The first time going there was a warm welcoming, I was supposed to do a lash extension. I was not ready to commit yet, so I did lashes lift instead. Love the experience . Once I'm ready, I'll do the extension

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I had my brow waxing/shaping done with Lyka and my lash extensions with Jasmine. Both lash technicians were not only incredibly nice and welcoming but also demonstrated a commendable level of expertise. Jasmine and Lyka took the time to engage in thorough conversations--understanding my specific lash and brow goals, which added a personalized touch to my experience.

The entire experience was not just about getting lash extensions; it felt like a pampering session with the added bonus of achieving beautiful lashes and brows😁

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Lash It


Lash Lift, Tint and Removal
  • Eyelash Lift

  • Eyelash Lift + Tint

  • Eyelash Extension Removal Only

  • Eyelash Consultations & Allergy Check

  • Men’s Eyelash Lift + Tint

  • Men’s Eyelash Lift